Dear Ladies And Gentlemen,

On 12 June 2015. In Warsaw will host the International Conference "Mental health of business people", the theme of the event is contemporary emotional problems and internal struggles of enterprising people.

Mental health of business people is still hiding many secrets and  taboo subject. During the upcoming meeting, we want to address the issues which are extremely important for those who involved in the daily pursuit of a career and for the Polish science.

The aim of the Conference is to present the latest scientific reports in the topics. Mental health of decision-makers, addictions, team chronic fatigue, the effects of stress on sexual activity. Participants of thre Conference will also have the opportunity to take a part in a very interesting workshop relaxation.

Among the invited guests will be experts from Poland and abroad, who will present their knowledge and experience in various fields of science.

We look forward to your participation in this important event for the world of science,


prof. dr hab. Maria Szyszkowska
President of the Scientific Committee
dr Włodzimierz W. Sukiennik, PhD
Chairman of the Organizing Committee