Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On 9 April 2016 it was held First International Scientific Conference „Understanding the World – Children with autism.” On behalf of the Organizers we would like to thank everyone for participating: delegates, experts and lecturers.

Thank you for the preparation of interesting presentations and exciting exchange of views and experiences.

I wish to thank the patrons, media representatives, non-governmental organizations and the scientific community, whose efforts have helped to create an incredible atmosphere of this year’s meeting.

I hope that our meeting is a contribution to the national debate in this field, to better diagnose more quickly recognize and consequently help to improve the quality of life of children and caring for their parents.

I trust that the completed conference will contribute to the promotion and dissemination of knowledge on the autism spectrum, and among specialists, every day dealing with this disorder warm discussion, which will lead to quicker and better diagnosis of children suffering from a disorder that is autism.

Today we invite you to participate in the next edition of the Conference next year.

Dr Włodzimierz Sukiennik, PhD
Secretary of the Scientific Committee